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Frequently asked questions

How do I get a quote for a custom order?


To quote a custom work you can tell us the details on whatsapp or via email indicating the size of the finger and the metal you are looking for, the other alternative is to schedule a meeting paying $25,000 CLP that will later be deducted from the total of your project. In this meeting you can tell me your project idea, your budget, the materials you would like, in this way we can advise you to be able to materialize your idea to create a perfect jewel for you.

To schedule a meeting click HERE

Purchase method:

There are two ways to purchase your jewelry, the first is through stock, in this mode the dispatch is much faster.

The second is for jewelry described as "custom", jewelry in the "pre-order"; category or orders that carry some degree of customization. The dispatch time will be coordinated internally since the preparation of this type of pieces requires more time, in general it ranges from 14 working days to 20 depending on the degree of complexity and the queue of orders at the time of placing the order.

Withdrawal of orders / showroom:

At the moment we are not doing face-to-face service for product delivery, only dispatches once your order is finished.

You can see on our social networks and website a gallery of images with most of our pieces.

Special or custom orders:


It is always viable, it is part of the spirit of the Iguaneria but the viability of your project will depend on the type of design and that will also define the time of preparation. 


At La Iguaneria we work mainly with noble metals (silver, gold, white gold and platinum), but also with zircons and precious stones.

 In case of faults, what can I do?

All our pieces have manufacturing guarantee for one month from the date of delivery, but if over time, daily use or if your jewel receives some type of damage we also do maintenance to our jewels, do not hesitate to contact us!

Privacy Policy

Your data is completely private, we only use the information provided to coordinate shipments, keep in mind that within Chile you must indicate your RUN, otherwise the shipping agencies will reject your order. (this is not necessary for international orders)

International Payments and shipments:

-International customers:

Yes, we are shipping internationally and our only method to send fine  jewelry​ is  FedEx because is ensured, fast and reliable, also our preferred method for international payments is Paypal. Since we are a store enroled with them that method has been the most reliable both for our customers and us.

 If you are in Chile or have a local bank account it is possible to make payments through or a transfer to a checking account.

The value of the shipment is calculated before finishing the purchase, local orders over 90,000.- CLP have free shipping.*

Refunds and Returns


We guarantee the quality of our work due to material or manufacturing faults, this point does not consider damage due to poor handling or accidents that end in the total or partial destruction of a jewelry piece. Nor for wrong sizes at the time of placing an order.

For customized pieces, because they are unique, it is not possible to make a change or return unless it is entirely a manufacturing fault.

Shipping agencies:

Locally (in Chile) we work with Altyro, for shipments to the fifth region and the rest of the country it is possible to do it via Starken or Chilexpress.

Please note that we are a small shop and sometimes time is tight. We are not an online shopping giant but we do care about packing everything safely and making sure everything reaches the right person. We always send each individual buyer an email containing tracking information.

 In some cases these end up in the spam folder, so be on the lookout. If a shipment is lost en route, held in customs, or if there is an excessively long wait for delivery, please check the tracking information and contact your local post office or shipping office. We have no influence on the shipment once it is in the hands of the courier agency or the postal service as it is a service provided by third parties.

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